Brightstaff's Journal

The personal Journal of Arch Wizard Brightstaff


This once ornate hide tome is a great deal heavier than it deserves to be, and when flipped through seems to hold an impossible number of pages for a book it’s width.

The last page is held by a sullied Griffin feather quill. Both the book and quill emanates a magical aura.

It’s cover is bordered by arcane runes, and holds the title…

The leave behind what-with-all of
Brightstaff the Blue


Chapters 1. – 39.

Tell of Brightstaff’s youth, training, infamous Tower to Tower rivalry with a Dark Wizard, whose name appears to dance on the page – a magical blur1. In their life long feud for control of the weather of their home town.

Chapters 30. – 34.

Tell of Brightstaff’s arrival in this strange ‘Desert Realm’. He notes memory of the events leading up to his arrival are clouded, but he assumes he either fell pray to a surprise extra-planar attack by his Nemesis1, somehow miscast a spell and teleported himself beyond his own dimension, or had at long last, gone insane – He seems to be quite excited at the possibility of the latter.

Chapters 35. – 40.

Tell of Brightstaff’s acquired endless vitality, and abandonment of food. The writing becomes garbled and nonsensical at times2. Largely the chapters retell stories from earlier in the book, but with different details, sloppier attention to detail and spelling errors.

Chapters 40. onward…

Tells of Brightstaff “finding” an old Djinni3 companion, in a cave to the far West, the language is like that of a Child. The book then becomes nothing more than punctuated scribbles and diagrams, finally ending with a tear drop stained page with a nothing more than a archimedean spiral like shape.


1 This blur could be removed with the right spell, scroll or gifted sight.

2 The repeated phrases “You are Filius Brightstaff” and “Remember to Eat, Remember to Drink” become scrawled in margins from this point onward.

3 No name is given, though you remember Brightstaff traveled with a Genie sidekick a paper back fiction given to you by Captain Chill. In the story the Genie was set free and his bound phylactery was thrown into the sea, in hopes no one would find it and again enslave him.

Brightstaff's Journal

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