Rules Clarification and Updates

So, what did we learn?

Here is where i’ll post findings about Next that I read online, or indeed, go hunting for in reaction to events in-game.


Critical Hits

This is an optional rule discussed in the PAX 2012 Next Game, for handling bonus DMG to Critical hits.

On a Successful Critical Attack, the weapon delivers Full Weapon Damage + Modifier + 2D6 at first level, with an additional D6 each alternate level (3,5,7,9,etc.).

So a 5th level Fighter with 18STR using a 1D8 Longsword would do:

8 (Max Dmg) + 4 STR + 2D6 (1st Lv) + 1D6 (3rd Lv) + 1D6 (5th Lv)

Total: 6D6 + 12 DMG on a Critical Hit.
(Min Dmg: 18 / Max Dmg: 48)

This rule mixes the celebration of a Critical with the fun of a Unique die roll, with the melancholy of a bad roll being a disappointment, BUT still much larger than your basic attack.


Rogues: Skill Mastery

As written the info is correct, but its wording isn’t great:

Skill Mastery
“More often than not, you come out on the winning
side of a challenge, especially when you have the
training and knowledge to succeed.
Benefit: When you determine the bonus for each
of your skills, you use your associated ability
modifier or +3, whichever is higher.
- Additionally, when you make a check using any
of your skills, you can take 10 or the result of the
die roll, then add any modifiers. As you gain levels,
the number you can take in place of the die roll
increases, as shown in the Rogue table.”
- Page 7, Classes PDF

This means is a Rogue can choose a +3 to all Skill Checks, regardless of training, in place of (not in addition to) the associated Skill modifier. This does not include Saves.

Additionally, when making a check using a Trained skill (via your Background) you may take 10 in-place of your Die Roll result, then choose to add your associated ability score, OR the +3.


Rules Clarification and Updates

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