Character Creation


Welcome lost soul!

This is a D&D Next campaign that I’ve farted out in order to see what’s coming up. Penny Arcade have done some testing and they enjoy it, praising it for its mix of 2nd EDs feel, with 4.0’s streamlined design.

Making a guy!

  • Please head over to the Characters page and jot down a paragraph or two about who you are, and why you’re important. Consider including some sort of quest or objective that you’re currently on, and indeed a glorious mug shot.
  • Please make your characters PEOPLE OF INTRIGUE. Imagine your character as a Paragon of all that is your ideal way to play your class, then describe them on your Character Page, and then do their stats as playing them at Lv1. You’ll still be your amazingly epic guy, the world will be scaled down, as opposed to you starting scaled up ;)
  • Please roll any LV 1 toon from the PDFs available bellow. Any race, class, whatever. Feel free to kit yourselves out with whatever items, weapons, cloaks and armors that befit your characters deal – if you want a special/magical item (or to be an exotic race) from the 3.5 books run it by me on Facebook – there are many 3.5 things that directly cross over without fiddeling.
  • Be fantastic! Flare and whimsy shall be rewarded!

Getting ready to play!

Click here to sign up and download the play-test PDFs

Shit to be aware of!

  • They have stripped some numbers out of the game in order to ‘massage’ role playing, which may or may not be good – we’ll see. You may get to the end of character creation and go “now what, I cant be finished?” well, yeah you actually are. It sets a strange tone to start, but you actually have as many skills, feats, ect as you would normally… it’s just behind the GM screen and not on your sheet (for now).
  • Specialties and Feats are confusingly worded. Specialties are “schools” of feats – feats will pretty much remain the same by the end of the test. Some feats now have a Lv1 and Lv3 version (or upgrade) this seems to be a way to reduce the numbers of total feats to choose from and instead make the progression paths from feat to feat more obvious. Who knows if this is a good thing or removing the mystery.
  • Races are rad. Racial bonuses are a big deal now, choose wisely.
  • We’re all new to this system, and it’s not finished – so let’s have fun and test it out, don’t get down when something feels different – it’s the same on my end as GM.

Character Creation

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