Draconic Cleric Familiar

Age: Wyrmling Size: Tiny Hit Points: 28 (1d12+16)
AC 17 Move 30 ft. / Fly 45ft. (poor) Swim 30 ft.
Str 17 Dex 10 Con 15 Int 14 Wis 15 Cha 14
BA: +2 Attack: +5 Breath Weapon (Save DC): 4d4+21 (Dex 11)


Breath Weapon (Flame): The creature exhales a 15­‐foot-cone of magical fire. Creatures in the area take 4d4+2 Fire Damage (DC 11 Dexterity saving throw for half damage). The spell ignites unattended flammable objects in the area.
Water Breathing: A gold dragon can breathe underwater indefinitely and can freely use its breath weapon, spells, and other abilities while submerged.

Bite (Wyrmling): +5 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one living creature).
Hit: 1 piercing damage, and the Wyrmling attaches to the target. While attached, it can use its action to deal 3 damage to the target. After dealing 12 damage in this manner, the Wyrmling uses its action to detach. An attached Wyrmling’s speed drops to 0, and it moves with the target. A Wyrmling be removed with a DC 10 Strength check as an action.


Healing Screech (Healing Touch)
1st-level conjuration
With a peircing call you chanel healing to a creature in need. As a shimmering light dapples the
creature’s wounds, you continue to battle.
Effect: Choose a creature within 50 feet of you that can hear you. The creature regains 1d6 hit points. When you cast this spell, you can make an attack or cast one of your minor spells as part of the same action.

Tend Wounds (Cure Light Wounds)
1st-level conjuration
You laps your tongue at damaged flesh, magically restoring it.
Effect: You touch a living creature. It regains 1d8 + 4 hit points.

Call of the Dragon Heart (Bless)
1st-level enchantment
You bestow your blessing on your companions, giving them the heart to face their present trial.
Effect: Choose any number of creatures in a 20-foot-radius sphere within 50 feet of you. Each of those creatures gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls for 1 minute.


Won as a stooge-prize in a crooked card game, this stunted fellow has been raised by Chickens touring with Shamrock’s Circus since it was an egg.


Madness-reach Deadlee Deadlee