Atticus Flint



Captain Atticus Flint of the Skyship Weatherlight had it all. A semi-loyal crew, magnificent vessel and appropriately proportioned maiden at port for to him to write letters about while avoiding commitment on the high seas and skies. Even his nemesis, the dread pirate Black Cortez, only served to enhance his reputation as the villain was bested in a timely manner on a multitude of occasions!

Reality was never going to catch Atticus aboard his fabulous ship…

However, on the final day before leaving the port of <insert name="true"> with a cargo full of trade, disaster had struck. A letter pertaining to his sister’s capture reached his soft yet rugged hands:

“Dear Captain Flint,

I have captured your sister. Under the advice of my new First Mate, I have decided to dispense with the usual taunting and plank walking and simply hanged her in front of your family and townspeople while you were away. I trust this has taught you a valuable lesson about confronting pirates.

Captain Cortez"

Wait… what? That wasn’t the way this went. Oh. But..

“Captain, a word?” A few of the cannon-firing layabouts from the bottom of the ship had managed to crawl their way up to their illustrious captain.
“What is it crewmen?” Asked Atticus, not really in possession of his senses.
“Sir, there’s been a mutiny.”
“That’s right captain,” spoke a second, “They’re trying to fly the ship away right now sir, but we thought maybe if you told you we could might maybe kinda have a little bit of the rum…. sir?” The dolt twisted his toe on the floor as he waited for a response. Atticus, after retrieving his jaw from the sand, ran.

It was true, but thankfully they’d never be able to begin the arcane workings of the vessel without him. Long ago to prevent the capture of such a magnificent vessel, it had been made to self-destruct if magic tampered with it. It was long enough ago that most of the crew thought it a myth to keep the them in line. Surely even they aren’t stupid enough to think they can pull this off he thought as he ran into the shadow of the Weatherlight.

The world then opened around him. It was as if the air itself was made of fire. For a moment, he existed only in an inferno, but his brain shut it out before the pain could register.

When Atticus awoke, then the pain began. The final blow of fate’s hand had taken most of the recognition from his face, leaving his body and features in ruin. Stranded for months, Atticus lived on in some fashion or another without a word spoken. He was cared for by the priests whose job with him became simply a morning routine that no longer derived any thought.

But finally, after months of contemplation, Atticus has decided to emerge a broken man and find his purpose once more.


Cleric 2
Abilities – str 16, dex 15, con 16, int 10, wis 18, cha 9.
Racial – halfling weapon training, lucky, halfling nimbleness, fearless.
Class – Channel Divinity, divine magic, orisons
Skills – intimidate, stealth, streetwise, forbiden lore
Traits – bad reputation
Specialty – Duel-wielder
Domain – war domain spells, channel and attack simultaneously.
Spells – turn undead, crusader’s strike, cure light wounds, command. 3/day
Hit points – 18    Ac – 17
Melee attack Or 120ft ranged- 6/6 (2d6+4 halved)   Magic attack – +6  DC 14 


Homework one: Defeated Black Cortez by flying upside-down above his ship and hauling treasure off with reverse gravity spells. Married four human women and divorced them in the only full week he has ever spent on land since becoming captain. Once secured his own release from capture just in time to to appear victorious over a captured ship as his crew came in to view to rescue him.

Atticus Flint

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